OLED LCD Samsung Galaxy M21 M31 M30 M30s LCD Displej Dotykový Digitalizátorom. Displej Pre Samsung M215 M315 M305 M307 LCD

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€35.89 €39.88
  • Skladom
  • w52080

  • Položka Stav: Nové
  • LCD Auta: Áno
  • Metóda balenia: Bublle Box +Bublina Taška
  • Kvalita: Trieda AAA
  • Kompatibilné Značky: Samsung
  • Test: test po jednom
  • Certifikácia: ŽIADNE
  • Typ Dotykového Displeja: Kapacitný Displej
  • Vlastnosti Produktu: Č Lightspot /Nie Poškriabaniu/Žiadne Mŕtve Pixely
  • Druh: LCD displej a Dotyková Obrazovka Digitalizátorom.
  • Rozlíšenie Displeja: 2340*1080
  • Zoznam Balíkov: LCD Displej a Nástroje
  • Názov Značky: HD
  • Číslo Modelu: Pre Samsung M21 M31 M30 M30s M215 M315 M305 M307
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Materiál: OLED
  • Displej: > 3"
  • farba: čierna

OLED LCD Samsung Galaxy M21 M31 M30 M30s LCD Displej Dotykový Panel Digitalizátorom. Displej Pre Samsung M215 M315 M305 M307 LCD

Dead Raven
Samantha Pink
Very good recommend
El Solitario Gb
Attention!!!!!! I do not advise anyone to buy this display!!! He's a very bad quality. The proximity sensor does not work, but as it turned out, the description does not say, that it should work (how do you like it?), do not match the latch, again no one promised this (according to the seller), because of this, the entire perimeter of the clearance, in the photo showed. Downstairs, he does not fit at all. The black frame around the display is much wider than the factory. In general, it's up to you, but I do not advise buying anyone. I put 5 stars only because the seller is in contact and agreed. True originally he offered compensation 5 dollars, after my threats about a negative recall and a damaged reputation, they reached 20.
Lima80 80
The picture from the original is different, but the brightness and color of the prairie is good, the first impression is that the image became deeper in the phone and more voluminous, until I understand it badly or well, just different.
It came very quickly. The screen was put in the service center. The only but, the proximity sensor does not work (you lift to the ear-the screen does not extinguish). I will not open a dispute until I see if there are any other bugs.

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