Kozmetická Taška Prenosná veľkokapacitný Úložný Vak Nepremokavé Krásne Cestovať Dámy Kozmetické Prípadoch Multi-function Professional

Štítky: kozmetická taška láska, obchod kozmetika prípade, taška make-up, di make-up taška, obrovské kozmetická taška, dámy kozmetické základy, dámy kozmetické výrobky, dvere make-up taška, lugagge cestovné puzdro, prípade transparentné kozmetika.

  • Skladom
  • w52379

  • Hlavný Materiál: PU
  • Vzor Typ: Pevné
  • Položka Druh: Kozmetické Prípadoch
  • Uzavretie Typ: Hasp
  • Názov Značky: hotionfire
  • Štýl: Móda
  • Tvar: Box
  • Číslo Modelu: CB67
  • Materiálové Zloženie: PU

Ivan 1970
The suitcase is really made of thin cardboard and covered with vinyl wallpaper. The mirror lay in the suitcase, it is impossible to insert it as it is not thought out the angle under which it really washes to be inserted. The pocket for the mirror is stretched, sewn crivo. In general, everything is done on the knee, I admit that the children of 10-12 years did. I'm in shock!!! Opened a dispute. They offered to issue a return of goods. The cost of return is 1500r. I did not have time to return it, there was no possibility, my daughter got sick. Not before the parcels were. Coronovirus in the yard. I'll give my daughter for the hairpins, I understand that enough of this cardboard box for a week of play. But there were no other options. I do not recommend the seller. Cheater. Misleading buyers, knowingly false description of the material from which the goods are made.

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